September 29, 2022

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The Value of Bichon Grooming for Good Skin Health

Bichon Grooming

As pet owners, we rarely associate grooming with good health. However, in the case of Bichon Frises, Bichon care is an important aspect of health care that pet owners should not neglect.

You may be wondering why is that? As you know, Bichon Frises have a coat consisting of two layers. The inner coat is characterized by long and fine hair, which turns curly due to the richness of the outer coat layer. Whenever Bichon plays outdoors, fine dust particles and bacteria penetrate the outer layers and become trapped in the inner layers, especially on the surface of the skin.

The same mechanism also occurs in pests, such as ticks, mites and ticks. As a result, the skin becomes irritated and itchy. As your dog continues to scratch the affected area, the skin becomes inflamed and infected, and can lead to the development of highly contagious skin sores and bald patches.

For the prevention of skin diseases, Bichon care is very important. Using a soft brush, brush your Bichon’s bristles at least once a day, not only to remove tangles and tangles, but also to remove any dirt or pests. If your Bichon already has fleas, use dog powder specially formulated to kill these nuisance pests. Make sure you bathe your dog once a month using a mild shampoo.

Bichons with existing skin conditions will require special care. Talk to your vet about creams and ointments that can be used to heal wounds. If you prefer natural remedies, this concoction made from boiled starfruit leaves or Tamanu Seed Oil has proven to be very effective in drying itchy skin wounds. In the case of mange, your vet may need to give your pet an intradermal injection of antibiotics and steroids.

Since this skin condition is highly contagious, make sure you clean your dog’s brush after every brush. Also note that you yourself may get a skin infection in your dog, so always wash your hands or shower after grooming your pet.

While most dog foods contain all the essential vitamins and minerals your pet needs, many Bichon owners recommend that dogs be given one capsule of Cod Liver Oil per day. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamins A and D, which not only accelerate the repair and regeneration of skin tissue, but also promote hair growth and health. These Bichon lovers can attest to the fact that their dog has developed a shiny coat due to the regular intake of Cod Liver Oil.

While Bichon grooming helps make your dog more beautiful, the greater benefit lies in maintaining good skin health and preventing highly contagious skin conditions.