September 29, 2022

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Why Fitness Is At The Core Of Overall Health

Fitness Is At The Core Of Overall Health

If you are looking forward to overall health, then you should know that fitness is at the core. Contrary to popular perception, achieving fitness is not that difficult. You can’t judge someone’s fitness just by looking at that person. Experience has taught me that the person who looks the fittest may not be the one who impresses you with their fitness level. So there’s no point in having an unrealistic view of fitness.

As far as fitness is concerned, the health of your heart is very important. Maybe you don’t have a “fit” looking body. But that doesn’t mean you’re not fit. You can be fit regardless of how your body looks. Cardio fitness is a true measure of fitness. If you are really serious about fitness, then you should channel your energy into improving your heart health. When your heart is healthy, other aspects like increased lung capacity, strong bones, strong muscles, weight loss etc will follow.

Understanding the concept of fitness

In today’s fitness-obsessed world, we’ve complicated the concept of fitness. By basic definition, fitness is all about your ability to perform your daily tasks without fatigue. People who are fit will be able to carry out their duties with full vigilance and enthusiasm. In the past, people had that ability. They are all physically active. They all match. So, no need to talk about fitness. However, many things have changed.

Lifestyle diseases have become common these days. We do very little physical activity because our jobs force us to stay glued to our chairs all day without any physical activity. And it has contributed to many lifestyle ailments. It’s no wonder why we talk more about fitness these days because we are all concerned about our fitness level. Lack of physical activity makes us vulnerable to various kinds of health problems.

The importance of fitness

A sedentary lifestyle has paved the way for many diseases. And people have realized the importance of regular exercise to stay in shape. However, not too many can keep up with it given the busy lifestyle. If you want to avoid many diseases, then it is important to do cardio exercises regularly.

As we all know, heart disease has become a well-known silent killer. Stroke, diabetes, colon cancer etc are other diseases that are associated with lack of fitness. There are many benefits of regular exercise. Apart from the health benefits, you will be able to control your weight as well. In turn, you will be able to fight aging too.

Psychological benefits of exercise

Exercise also has many psychological benefits. When you exercise, it releases feel-good endorphins, which significantly reduces stress. And it will improve your mood too. It has the ability to fight depression as well. If you are one of those fitness enthusiasts who exercise every day, then you will have a positive attitude towards life.

In addition, you tend to have better self-esteem. Exercise gives you better sleep at night. You also never complain about fatigue. Last but not least, regular exercise can improve your memory as well.

Number of workouts to stay in shape

Well, this has been a hot topic of debate for years. Different people will give different suggestions. But one thing is for sure – regular exercise is the best strategy. How long should you exercise? Well, 30 minutes a day will be more than enough. And if you can extend it to an hour then even better. Some would suggest that doing exercise 5 times a week is a good strategy. Well, doing it every day is a much more effective strategy.

Exercise is like drinking coffee. Your brain is addicted to feel-good hormones and craves them every day. For the same reason, your brain will remind you to exercise every day. It’s like following nature’s clock. Your brain knows what is best for your body. Therefore, doing it every day will make it easier for you to adjust to nature’s cycles.

Remember, fitness is key to your overall well-being. So, it’s time for you to accept it!