December 1, 2022

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Is Medical History Protected By Discrimination Law? – Health

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Belgium has expanded its Anti-Discrimination Act to&#13
address individuals’ ‘state of health’, which signifies&#13
their past healthcare record is now covered.

Belgium has prohibited discrimination based on an&#13
individual’s ‘current or future state of health’&#13
due to the fact 2007. On 7 July 2022, a bill was handed which broadens this.&#13
The idea of ‘current or long term point out of health’ is&#13
replaced by ‘state of health’, indicating that an&#13
individual’s past state of well being&#13
is now also protected by the Anti-Discrimination Act.

In advance of this amendment, the 2007 Anti-Discrimination Act only&#13
prohibited discrimination on the foundation of ‘present or potential&#13
point out of health’. This implied that folks could, in&#13
basic principle, be discriminated versus on the foundation of a previous illness&#13
from which they were now cured or in remission. For case in point, a&#13
particular person who had experienced most cancers in the past and was denied a occupation mainly because&#13
the employer feared s/he would relapse was not secured.

The monthly bill modifications this. An employer who discriminates on the&#13
basis of an employee’s health-related history can now be ordered to&#13
pay out damages amounting to 6 months’ salary. The worker or&#13
prospect who feels discriminated towards, for instance, during a&#13
task application or by his or her dismissal, only has to confirm a&#13
presumption of discrimination. Circumstance law can take into account the&#13
chronology of the specifics. It will then be up to the employer to&#13
demonstrate that the decision to dismiss or not to employ was taken on&#13
non-discriminatory grounds.

Nonetheless, this modify is not completely new. Both equally countrywide CBA&#13
no. 38 on the recruitment and variety of staff and nationwide&#13
CBA no. 95 on equivalent treatment method for the duration of all phases of the work&#13
romantic relationship presently implement the safeguarded criterion of&#13
‘medical history’. On the other hand, as opposed to the&#13
Anti-Discrimination Act, these collective bargaining agreements do&#13
not provide for compensation for the target of discrimination.

Concretely, in the Anti-Discrimination Act, the terms&#13
‘current or long term condition of health’ will be changed by&#13
the phrase ‘state of health’, so that a past point out of&#13
overall health is also lined. This will also set an end to the ambiguity&#13
that existed on this subject matter and the differing interpretations in&#13
case legislation and lawful doctrine.

It is really worth noting that a difference based mostly on an&#13
individual’s condition of health and fitness is not prohibited in all&#13
situation. As extended as the employer can justify the big difference&#13
in procedure on the basis of a legit aim and display that&#13
the usually means of reaching that intention are important, there is no&#13

Motion position

By means of an amendment to the Anti-Discrimination Act, it is now&#13
not only forbidden to discriminate on the foundation of an&#13
employee’s or candidate’s present or long term condition of&#13
health and fitness, but also on the basis of his or her clinical background. An&#13
employer who are not able to justify discrimination based mostly on the state of&#13
well being will deal with the possibility of having to fork out compensation of 6&#13
months’ salary to the discrimination victim.

The content of this write-up is meant to present a general&#13
information to the subject matter subject. Specialist assistance need to be sought&#13
about your unique conditions.

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