September 29, 2022

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UK Immigration and Medical Care Lawyers

UK Immigration and Medical Care Lawyers

The UK Immigration Act does not prohibit anyone wishing to come for UK Medical treatment, if you can meet all the necessary requirements before getting travel arrangements. This category is called a visitor visa which applies to all those in need of medical expertise in the UK who are undoubtedly at the forefront of premium healthcare but you must comply with the rules that require you to cover all costs. Let this article guide you on the requirements you need to come to the UK.

Visitor eligibility must be obtained for UK medical treatment. In this category you will be asked to indicate the following:

– That you can afford to spend your treatment in England

– Apart from treatment which is the only thing you want in the UK, you are absolutely not allowed to find work or study in the UK

– After treatment, and rest, you will leave the UK or as soon as time runs out

As for all visitor Visas in the UK, every requirement must be met and in this case you will need medical attention, you will first make certain medical treatment arrangements and you must be able to prove that plus you must show the UK Border Agency that you have the financial capacity for the treatment like that. One more thing, if your illness is contagious you may have to consult a UK lawyer about this to guide you with the steps on how to get the right paperwork to enter the UK.

The VAF1 Visitor Form must be requested at a consular office or at the UK Border Services office and must be completed stating that you will be coming to the UK for medical treatment. And if you have relatives in the UK, details about them are required so you shouldn’t leave them. Prior medical treatment arrangements are required and so are the documents to support your application. Here are some examples:

– Documents and letters proving that you have arranged for medical treatment from a licensed medical professional in the UK and stating the duration of the treatment

– You must provide leave documents from your company for a certain period of time in relation to your medical treatment and you will return to your own country after that time.

– Bank statements and other assets must be documented to show evidence that you can indeed afford the medical expenses.

– All visitors will not be provided with medical treatment at any official NHS premises

It is imperative that UK medical treatment must be carried out within the 6 months permitted for general visitors. You have to leave England after that. Applications must be forwarded to the Office of General Investigation itself or by courier. There is a sixty five pound fee for the visa application and the application processing payment is 395 pounds and lastly there is a four week waiting time for approval and up to fourteen weeks of processing.